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Best Industrial Automation Company in Bangalore, India

M/s Nano Logic Automation is one of the Youngest Industrial Automation Company in Bangalore. We stand by our commitment by providing Right Product/Service at Best price to satisfy our client. We are dealing Top Industrial Automation Brands like Autonics, Bholanath, CG Drives, Delta Automation, Panasonic Sensors, Schneider Electric etc., with full technical support at best price in Bangalore.

We are dealing wide range of Industrial Automation Products like Automation System (PLC, HMI,), Sensors (Rotary Encoders, Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensor, Fiber Optic Sensor), Control Components (Temperature Controllers, Panel Meters, Pulse Meters, Counters, Timers)with Best Price and Support like Authorised System Integrator, Distributor, Dealer in Bangalore, India.

Our Products

Nano Logic Automation providing One-Stop Solution Provider for All Industrial Applications in Bangalore. We are Dealing wide range of Industrial Automation Products to satisfy the customer need at Best Price
In any Industry, Automation plays Crucial role to increase Product Quality & Decreasing Cost.
Sensors are the basic and fundament requirement for any Industrial Automation Company.
Industrial Control Components controls and Maintain required output in the Process.
Drives are important devices to control the speed of Motors. Motor Converts Electrical to Mechanical...
Power controllers, Controls the electric current to furance, Heaters, Thermostats etc.,
Lab equipments are very important device to analytic Testing in Pharma, Process control Industries....
Switches are easy to Operate the machines to Start and Stop the Machine.
Signal Lights are great visible Factor of Machine and We can respond immediately when problem arise.
Switch Gears are electrical disconnect switches or Circuit breakers to shield and Isolate Electrical equ..

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